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The Brots de Vi you'll find have history, tradition, love, passion... are the result of men and women who work the vineyard, following the wine from grape juice until it goes out, that understand wine as part of their life.

The greatness of the wine is that it reflects the land from which it comes and growers interpret in their own way: some work on the ecological other mules with conventional trellises, some vineyards have been abandoned or inherited from parents to children... they all just want to drink their wine, their origin and to forward it to open and enjoy the pleasure of sharing a bottle of wine.

In Brots de Vi we want to bring to your table , the learning and joy, to be touched and specially to share with you the way we understand and respect the work of the winemakers.

Brots de Vi, we transmit the effort , work and expression of the land inside a bottle of wine.