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Brots de Vi comes from the illusion of transmit and display the work, effort and everyday farming and livestock brought to the table.

The value of this work that so many people, over generations of lives and enjoy and suffer because others may see it and eat the result.

With little makeup in the kitchen, our task is to do to get to the table of the simplest, most natural and least altered possible.


The gastronomy of our environment


Effort, work and expression of the earth in a bottle of wine.


Tasting to accompany the wine


A refreshing parenthesis


Located in the old quarter of Girona , historic center of the city, Brots de Vi is the result of a careful reform, carried out by Ailor Nous Espais, which has also sought to keep the essence of materials, stone, wood and iron creating a space where you can enjoy moments to share with friends and family or simply indulge in a glass of wine or a meal, a time, a place, a silence ….

We look for quality food, respect and the value of the products we carry to the table.

Work organic bread, cereals, legumes, dairy and eggs. Km0 vegetables and meats come from animals fed on the field.


The letter


The Brots de Vi you’ll find have history, tradition, love, passionare the result of men and women who work the vineyard, following the wine from grape juice until it goes out, that understand wine as part of their life.

The greatness of the wine is that it reflects the land from which it comes and growers interpret in their own way: some work on the ecological other mules with conventional trellises, some vineyards have been abandoned or inherited from parents to childrenthey all just want to drink their wine, their origin and to forward it to open and enjoy the pleasure of sharing a bottle of wine .

In Brots de Vi you want to bring to the table, came to learn, to enjoy, to be touched and especially to share with you the way we understand and respect the work of the winemakers .

Brots de Vi, we transmit the effort , work and expression of the land inside a bottle of wine.



In BioBrots, you will find a wide selection of fresh and dry foods, ALL CERTIFIED ORGANIC, aimed at facilitating healthy eating for as many people as possible. Our offering includes cereals, chocolates, teas and infusions, coffee, pasta, rice, plant-based beverages, products…

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With the same commitment as in the organic supermarket, at the Bistrô Brots de Vi in Girona, we focus on a FRESH menu with QUALITY, proximity, and unpretentious products, cooked on the spot with minimal embellishments; with natural and biodynamic wines, from home and abroad, for bottles and glasses.

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The latest addition to the group, in line with the essence of the organic supermarket and the restaurant, is Més Brots, a COFFEE BRUNCH with SPECIALTY COFFEE and sustainable, ARTISANAL PRODUCTS WITH DAILY PRODUCTION. Enjoy sweetness healthily, with the sustainability that comes from circular products.

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It was born a few years ago with BROTS DE VI, looking for a space for healthy, gastronomic, and informal eating where you can enjoy food and natural wine. It is followed by BIO BROTS, our organic store, located on Creu Street, necessary to supply Brots de Vi with products from our gardens, fields, and vineyards, while offering a conscious and sustainable food offering in our city, promoting fresh products: bakery, butcher, fruit and vegetables, dairy… Now, the circle closes with the smallest member of the family, + BROTS, COFFEE BRUNCH, a space with the sweetest part; cookies, muffins, pastries, artisan ice creams, specialty coffee, but also with a marked brunch style: crepes, bagels, toasts, bowls,… all with our own daily production like Brots de Vi, breaking stereotypes, where sweet products or ice cream can indeed be healthy, nutritious, without added industrial sugars, fats, preservatives, gelling agents, emulsifiers, etc… An offering of sweet and savory crepes with buckwheat or millet bases, without milk or eggs, where you can see that having fun and enjoying food can be very healthy.

Because sustainability also lies in product turnover and the circular economy, thus the three wheels of the tricycle make the project possible.